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Part 3 SMiscellaneous and supplementary



Part 2 (financial year 2011/12) of the Budget (Scotland) Act 2010 is repealed.


(1)In this Act, the “PFA Act 2000” means the Public Finance and Accountability (Scotland) Act 2000.

(2)References in this Act to accruing resources in relation to the Scottish Administration or a direct-funded body are to such resources accruing to the Administration or (as the case may be) that body in financial year 2011/12.

(3)References in this Act to the direct-funded bodies are to the bodies mentioned in section 3(b) to (e) (and references to a direct-funded body are to any of those bodies).

(4)Except where otherwise expressly provided, expressions used in this Act and in the PFA Act 2000 have the same meanings in this Act as they have in that Act.

10Short titleS

The short title of this Act is the Budget (Scotland) Act 2011.