Explanatory Notes

Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011

2011 asp 12

20 April 2011

Summary of the Act

Part 1 – Records Management Plans

Section 6 – Records management reviews

26.Subsection (1) allows the Keeper to undertake a review of whether an authority is complying with its records management plan. This could be used where the Keeper becomes aware of a possible failure by a particular authority to comply. Alternatively the Keeper may decide to undertake a general review of compliance by a group of authorities (see subsection (6)).

27.Subsection (2) requires authorities to assist the Keeper in carrying out records management reviews if requested to do so. This might include, for example, providing information or documents.

28.After carrying out a records management review, the Keeper may make recommendations to the authority and may require the authority to review its plan under section 5 (subsection (3)).