Monitoring and enforcing dog control notices

4Duty of local authority to monitor effectiveness of and to enforce dog control notice etc.

(1)A local authority are—

(a)to monitor the effectiveness of,

(b)to enforce, and

(c)to record (and may from time to time update) such information as the Scottish Ministers may, for the purposes of section 8, require as regards,

any dog control notice served by an authorised officer appointed by the authority.

(2)When a local authority update information under subsection (1)(c), they are to inform P accordingly.

(3)A local authority are to co-operate with the police and with other local authorities in all matters relating to the control of dogs and arising under or by virtue of this Act, the Dogs Act 1906 (c.32) or the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (c.65).

(4)The Scottish Ministers may, in relation to information held by a local authority by virtue of subsection (1)(c), by order—

(a)permit the authority to share, for the purposes of this Act, that information with other local authorities, Scottish Ministers and the police, and

(b)permit or require any person to be given access to that information (or to some part of that information) for research purposes.