Part 5Social care and social work: scrutiny and improvement

Chapter 5Miscellaneous

101Giving of notice

(1)In Chapters 3 and 4, any reference to a notice being given to a person providing, or seeking to provide, a care service is to be construed as a reference to its being—

(a)delivered, where the person is—

(i)an individual, to that individual,

(ii)a body corporate, to the secretary or clerk of that body, or

(iii)a firm, to a partner of that firm, or

(b)sent by post, properly addressed to the person, in a registered letter or by the recorded delivery service,

but a notice sent by post is taken not to have been received until the third day after the day of posting.

(2)For the purposes of subsection (1), a letter is properly addressed to—

(a)a body corporate, if addressed to the body at its registered or principal office,

(b)a firm, if addressed to the firm at its principal office, or

(c)any other person, if addressed to the person at the address last known.