Part 5Marine protection and enhancement: the Scottish marine protection area

Advice etc. as regards protection of certain marine areas

81Advice and guidance by the Scottish Ministers as regards MPAs

(1)The Scottish Ministers may give advice and guidance as to—

(a)the matters in section 80(1)(a) to (e),

(b)the matters which are capable of damaging or otherwise affecting any marine historic asset in a Historic MPA,

(c)how any stated preservation objectives for a Historic MPA may be furthered, or how the achievement of any such objectives may be hindered,

(d)the assessment by a public authority of the matters in section 83(4)(b)(i) and (ii) including what factors the authority should take into account.

(2)Advice or guidance as to any of the matters in paragraph (a) or (d) of subsection (1) may be given—

(a)in relation to—

(i)a particular Nature Conservation MPA, Demonstration and Research MPA or Historic MPA,

(ii)each such category of marine protected area, or all such marine protected areas, generally,

(b)in relation to a particular public authority or public authorities generally.