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Part 6 SConservation of seals

Seal conservation areasS

118Seal conservation areasS

(1)The Scottish Ministers may designate an area as a “seal conservation area” where they consider it necessary to do so in order to ensure the proper conservation of seals.

(2)The Scottish Ministers must consult [F1United Kingdom Research and Innovation] before designating a seal conservation area.

(3)The Scottish Ministers must—

(a)publish a designation in a manner which they consider most likely to bring the proposal to the attention of persons likely to be affected by it,

(b)make a copy of a designation available for inspection at one of their offices at all reasonable hours, and

(c)provide a copy of a designation to any person who requests one.

(4)The Scottish Ministers may charge a fee, not exceeding their expenses, for providing a copy under subsection (3)(c).

Textual Amendments

F1Words in s. 118(2) substituted (1.4.2018) by Higher Education and Research Act 2017 (c. 29), s. 124(5), Sch. 12 para. 25; S.I. 2018/241, reg. 2(t) (with transitional and savings provisions in S.I. 2018/245, regs. 2, 3, 26)

Commencement Information

I1S. 118 in force at 31.1.2011 by S.S.I. 2010/230, art. 4(c)