Process for all schools

9Consultation report

(1)After the education authority has received HMIE’s report, the authority is to review the relevant proposal having regard (in particular) to—

(a)any relevant—

(i)written representations received by the authority (from any person) during the consultation period,

(ii)oral representations made to it (by any person) at the public meeting,

(b)HMIE’s report.

(2)The education authority must then prepare a consultation report.

(3)The education authority must—

(a)publish the consultation report in both electronic and printed form,

(b)make the report available for inspection at all reasonable times and without charge—

(i)at its head office and on its website,

(ii)at any affected school or at a public library or some other suitable place within the vicinity of the school,

(c)provide without charge the information contained in the consultation report—

(i)to such persons as may reasonably require that information in another form, and

(ii)in such other form as may reasonably be requested by such persons.

(4)The education authority must inform any person who during the consultation period made written representations on the relevant proposal of the publication of the consultation report.

(5)The education authority must advertise the publication of the consultation report by such means as it considers appropriate.