Process for all schools

8Involvement of HMIE

(1)The education authority must send to HMIE—

(a)when published, a copy of the proposal paper,

(b)as regards any relevant written representations received by the authority (from any person) during the consultation period—

(i)a copy of them, or

(ii)if HMIE agree, a summary of them,

(c)a summary of any oral representations made to it (by any person) at the public meeting,

(d)as available (and so far as otherwise practicable), a copy of any other relevant documentation.

(2)HMIE are to prepare a report on the educational aspects of the relevant proposal.

(3)In preparing the report, HMIE may—

(a)enter any affected school and make such reasonable enquiries of such persons there as HMIE consider appropriate, and

(b)make such reasonable enquiries of such other persons as HMIE consider appropriate.

(4)In preparing the report, HMIE are to have regard (in particular) to—

(a)the educational benefits statement,

(b)the things sent to them under subsection (1)(b) and (c),

(c)any written representations made (by any person) direct to HMIE on any educational aspect of the proposal so far as HMIE consider them to be relevant.

(5)HMIE must submit the report to the education authority—

(a)not later than 3 weeks after the authority has complied with subsection (1) (which 3 week period may not start during the consultation period), or

(b)within such longer period as is agreed between them.

(6)In this Act, “HMIE’s report” is the report prepared under subsection (2).

(7)In this Act, a reference to “HMIE” is a reference to Her Majesty’s Inspectors (including any of them).