Explanatory Notes

Alcohol etc. (Scotland) Act 2010

2010 asp 18

15 December 2010

Comments on Sections

Section 12 – Chief constables’ reports to Licensing Boards and Local Licensing Forums

31.This section inserts a new section 12A into the 2005 Act. Section 12A imposes a duty on every chief constable to send a report to the Licensing Boards in the chief constable’s police area. This report should be sent to the Licensing Board as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year. The report should make comment on the policing issues relating to the 2005 Act in the previous year and the current year, and also set out any steps taken in the previous year, or to be taken in the current year, to prevent the sale or supply of alcohol to those under 18. The chief constable is also required to send a copy of the report sent to the Licensing Board to the Local Licensing Forum for that Board’s area (section 12A(2)). Section 12A(3) requires the chief constable, or other constable nominated by the chief constable, to attend a meeting of the Licensing Board or the Local Licensing Forum to discuss the report if the Licensing Board or the Forum requests it.