Part 2Regulation of licensed legal services

Chapter 2Licensed legal services providers

Key duties and positions

53Practice Committee

(1)It is for a licensed provider—

(a)to decide whether to have a Practice Committee (instead of having a Head of Practice),

(b)if it has one, to make such administrative arrangements as it considers appropriate in respect of it.

(2)A Practice Committee has the functions under this Part that would otherwise be exercisable by a Head of Practice (and the specification of any of those functions is to be read accordingly).

(3)A Practice Committee is to have among its members a person who would be eligible for appointment as its Head of Practice (if there were one).

(4)The members of a Practice Committee are jointly and severally responsible as regards the Committee’s functions.

(5)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make further provision about—

(a)Practice Committees,

(b)the functions of such Committees.

(6)Before making regulations under subsection (5), the Scottish Ministers must consult the Lord President.