Registration of common grazings

27Registration of new common grazings

(1)In subsection (1) of section 51A of the 1993 Act (new common grazings), the words from “by entering” to the end of the subsection are repealed.

(2)After that section insert—

51BRegistration of new common grazings

(1)Subsection (2) applies where the Commission make a determination to exercise their power under section 51A(1) to constitute land as a common grazing.

(2)The application for registration of the land in the Crofting Register must not be forwarded to the Keeper under section 26(4) of the 2010 Act

(a)until the period mentioned in section 52A(2)(b) has expired without any appeal to the Land Court being made; or

(b)where such an appeal is made, until it is abandoned or the Court confirms the Commission’s determination under section 51A(1)..