Explanatory Notes

Crofting Reform (Scotland) Act 2010

2010 asp 14

6 August 2010

The Act

Part 2 – the Crofting Register

Registration of common grazings

Section 25:  Registration of events affecting registered common grazings

56.Section 25 provides the regulatory triggers that require an application for subsequent registration to amend the entry in the Register for a registered common grazing. This includes a requirement in subsection (1) for the transfer of ownership of land on which a registered common grazing is situated to be registered. Subsection (2) lists various regulatory events which must be registered. Subsection (3) provides that no separate application is needed for events mentioned in subsection (2)(g)(iii) and (2)(i) (which relate to apportionments of common grazings) if one is also needed in relation to a croft under section 5. Subsection (4) allows the Scottish Ministers to make regulations about when ownership of land is to be treated as being transferred for the purposes of subsection (1). Subsection (5) enables the Scottish Ministers, by order to modify the regulatory triggers.