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SCHEDULE 6SAmendments of the Scottish Commission for Human Rights Act 2006 (asp 16)

Land, location of office, advisers and other services, sharing of resources and financeS

11SAfter paragraph 13 there is inserted—


13A(1)The Commission must, before the start of each financial year, prepare proposals for its use of resources and expenditure during the year (a “budget”) and, by such date as the Parliamentary corporation determines, send the budget to the Parliamentary corporation for approval.

(2)The Commission may, in the course of a financial year, prepare a revised budget for the remainder of the year and send it to the Parliamentary corporation for approval.

(3)In preparing a budget or a revised budget, the Commission must ensure that the resources of the Commission will be used economically, efficiently and effectively.

(4)A budget or revised budget must contain a statement that the Commission has complied with the duty under subsection (3).