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SCHEDULE 5SAmendments of the Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 17)

Finance and budgetS

14SParagraph 9 (payment of Commissioner's salary, expenses etc.) is renumbered as sub-paragraph (1) of that paragraph and—

(a)at the end of that sub-paragraph (as so renumbered) there is inserted “ so far as not met out of sums received and applied by the Commissioner under paragraph 6(3A), and

(b)after that sub-paragraph there is inserted—

(2)Sub-paragraph (1)(b) does not require the Parliamentary corporation to pay any expenses incurred by the Commissioner which exceed or are otherwise not covered by a budget or, as the case may be, revised budget approved under paragraph 9A.

(3)However, the Parliamentary corporation may pay those expenses.

(4)The Parliamentary corporation is to indemnify the Commissioner in respect of any liabilities incurred by the Commissioner in the exercise of the Commissioner's functions.