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SCHEDULE 5SAmendments of the Commissioner for Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 17)


8SIn paragraph 4—

(a)after sub-paragraph (1) there is inserted—

(1A)The Commissioner ceases to hold office as Commissioner on becoming—

(a)a member of the Parliament,

(b)a member of the House of Commons, or

(c)a member of the European Parliament.,

(b)in sub-paragraph (2), after “terms” there is inserted “ and conditions ”,

(c)for sub-paragraph (3) there is substituted—

(3)The terms and conditions may, without prejudice to section 2(2) or sub-paragraph (1A) of this paragraph—

(a)prohibit the Commissioner from holding any other specified office, employment or appointment or engaging in any other specified occupation,

(b)provide that the Commissioner's holding of any such office, employment or appointment or engagement in any such occupation is subject to the approval of the Parliamentary corporation.

(4)In sub-paragraph (3)(b), “specified” means specified in the terms and conditions or within a description so specified.