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SCHEDULE 2SAmendments of the Ethical Standards Act

Annual reportsS

16SAfter paragraph 10E (as inserted by paragraph 14 above) there is inserted—

Annual reportsS

10F(1)The Commission shall lay before the Parliament annually a general report on the exercise of its functions during the reporting year.

(2)The report shall, in particular, include—

(a)a summary of any hearings held by the Commission during the reporting year; and

(b)a summary of any other activities undertaken by it during that year in pursuance of its functions.

(3)The report shall be laid before the Parliament within seven months after the end of the reporting year.

(4)The Commission shall arrange for the publication of each report laid before the Parliament under this paragraph.

(5)In preparing a report under this paragraph, the Commission shall comply with any direction given by the Parliamentary corporation as to the form and content of the report.

(6)In this section “reporting year” means the year beginning on 1 April.