Background to the Act and Summary

The RSSB Committee’s recommendations

18.The RSSB Committee published its report on 21st May 2009, Review of SPCB Supported Bodies (1st Report 2009, SP Paper 266). The report contained a number of recommendations. These related to the appropriate governance body for officeholders, terms and conditions of officeholders, the Parliamentary corporation proposals for the SPSO, the structure of the officeholders and the legal status of the stand-alone officeholders. Not all of the recommendations made in the report require legislation in order to be implemented.

19.In terms of Parliamentary procedure a Committee may make a proposal for a bill in the form of a report to the Parliament. The report must be clear that a Committee bill is being proposed and why the bill is necessary. If the Parliament agrees to the proposal, a bill can be introduced by the Convener of the Committee who becomes the “member in charge”.

20.This Act is a Committee Bill initiated by a Parliamentary committee under Rule 9.15 of the Parliament’s Standing Orders. The RSSB Committee proposal for a Committee Bill was debated and approved by the Parliament on 18 June 2009 giving Trish Godman MSP, as the member in charge, the right to introduce a Bill.