Explanatory Notes

Interpretation and Legislative Reform (Scotland) Act 2010

2010 asp 10

3 June 2010

The Act - Background

Part 1: Interpretation

Section 25 - Definitions

49.Subsection (1) provides that if a word or expression that appears in schedule 1 is used in an ASP or Scottish instrument it has the meaning given in that schedule. The schedule contains words and expressions that occur reasonably frequently in ASPs and Scottish instruments. It avoids the necessity of having to define in a particular ASP or instrument any word or expression that is listed in the schedule. The section largely replicates the effect of Article 6(2) of the Interpretation Order.

50.It is likely that over time the schedule will need to be updated to remove entries that are no longer frequently used and to add new entries where the frequency with which an expression is used merits it. Therefore subsection (2) confers power on the Scottish Ministers to modify the schedule by order. The power is subject to the affirmative procedure.