SCHEDULE 1Scottish Arbitration Rules

Part 1Commencement and constitution of tribunal etc.

Rule 15 Resignation of arbitrator M

15(1)An arbitrator may resign (by giving notice of resignation to the parties and any other arbitrators) if—

(a)the parties consent to the resignation,

(b)the arbitrator has a contractual right to resign in the circumstances,

(c)the arbitrator’s appointment is challenged under rule 10 or 12,

(d)the parties disapply or modify rule 34(1) (expert opinions) after the arbitrator is appointed, or

(e)the Outer House has authorised the resignation.

(2)The Outer House may authorise a resignation only if satisfied, on an application by the arbitrator, that it is reasonable for the arbitrator to resign.

(3)The Outer House’s determination of an application for resignation is final.