SCHEDULE 1Relevant sexual offences

Part 1Offences that may currently be committed

7Any of the following offences under the Criminal Law (Consolidation) (Scotland) Act 1995 (c. 39)

(a)an offence under section 1 (incest) or 2 (intercourse with a step-child) against a child under the age of 16,

(b)an offence under section 3 (intercourse of person in position of trust with a child under 16),

(c)an offence under section 8 against a girl under the age of 16 (abduction of a woman or girl for purposes of unlawful sexual intercourse),

(d)an offence under section 9 (permitting a girl under 16 to use premises for intercourse),

(e)an offence under section 10 (person having parental responsibilities causing or encouraging sexual activity in relation to a girl under 16).