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Part 4SFlood risk management: local authority functions

Flood protection schemesS


64Registers of flood protection schemes: regulations etc.S

(1)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations make further provision about the keeping of registers under section 62(1) including, in particular, provision as to—

(a)the content of a register,

(b)the time by which information must be entered into a register,

(c)the circumstances in which information may or must be removed from a register, and

(d)the time by which notice must be given under section 62(6).

(2)Regulations under subsection (1) may also—

(a)make further provision about the availability of registers under section 62(7) including, in particular, provision as to the form and manner in which registers are to be made available,

(b)make provision—

(i)requiring local authorities to make available their registers to a person specified in the regulations,

(ii)as to the form and manner in which the registers are made available to the person,

(iii)requiring local authorities to inform the person of any change to their registers as soon as reasonably practicable or within a period specified in the regulations, and

(iv)requiring the person to make available information from local authorities' registers for public inspection.

(3)References in this section and sections 62 and 63 to a local authority's register are references to the register of flood protection schemes kept by the authority.