Part 3Flood risk assessment, maps and plans

Flood risk management plans

29Flood risk management plans: guidance

(1)The Scottish Ministers must give guidance to SEPA on the setting of objectives and identification of measures under sections 27 and 28.

(2)The guidance must, in particular, address the consideration of measures that consist of carrying out any alteration (including enhancement) or restoration of a natural feature or characteristic.

(3)The guidance must be given no later than 22nd December 2012.

(4)The Scottish Ministers must review and where appropriate update the guidance not later than—

(a)6 years after it was given, or

(b)where the guidance has been reviewed under this subsection, 6 years after the last such review.

(5)Before giving the guidance or updating it under subsection (4), the Scottish Ministers must consult—


(b)every responsible authority, and

(c)such other persons as they consider appropriate.

(6)SEPA must have regard to any guidance given under this section.