Part 3Flood risk assessment, maps and plans

Bodies of water etc.: mapping and assessment

17Local authorities to prepare maps of bodies of water etc.

(1)Every local authority must prepare a map which shows (or more than one map which, taken together, show) relevant bodies of water and sustainable urban drainage systems in its area.

(2)Each map must—

(a)be prepared by such date as the Scottish Ministers may direct,

(b)be prepared at a scale that the authority considers most appropriate, and

(c)contain such information and be in such form as the Scottish Ministers may specify in regulations.

(3)A local authority must, from time to time, review and where appropriate update the map (or maps) prepared for its area under subsection (1).

(4)A local authority must make available for public inspection the map (or maps) prepared under this section for the time being applicable to its area.

(5)In this section and section 18—