Explanatory Notes

Damages (Asbestos-related Conditions) (Scotland) Act 2009

2009 asp 4

17 April 2009

Parliamentary History

10.The following table sets out, for each Stage of the proceedings in the Scottish Parliament on the Bill for this Act, the dates on which the proceedings at that Stage took place, the references to the Official Report of those proceedings, the dates on which Committee Reports and other papers relating to the Bill were published, and references to those Reports and other papers.

Proceedings and ReportsReference
Bill as Introduced - 23 June 2008SP Bill 12 (Session 3) 2008
Stage 1
(a) Justice  Committee
19th  Meeting - 2 September 2008Justice Committee Official ReportCols1024-1084
20th Meeting - 9 September 2008Justice Committee Official Report Cols 1086-1116
19th Report - 13 October 2008

Justice Committee Report

(b) Subordinate Legislation Committee
23rd Meeting - 2 September 2008Subordinate Legislation Committee  OfficialReport Col 336
Report -  8 September, 2008Subordinate Legislation Committee Report
(c) Finance Legislation Committee
18th Meeting – 24 June 2008Finance Committee Minutes of Proceedings
(d) Consideration by Parliament
Stage 1 Debate - 5 November 2008OfficialReport Cols 12011-12058
Stage 2
(a) Justice  Committee
30th Meeting - 2 December 2008Justice Committee Official Report Cols 1463-1474
Financial Implications Paper to Justice Committee – 25 February 2009Letter from the Minister for Community Safety Financial Implications
(b) Parliament
Revised Financial Memorandum - 6 March 2009Revised Financial Memorandum
Stage 3
Consideration by Parliament
Stage 3 Debate - 11 March 2009OfficialReport Cols 15614-15656
Bill as Passed - 11 March 2009SP Bill 12A (Session 3) 2009
Royal Assent –17 April 2009