Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 Explanatory Notes

Schedule 1 – the Scottish Committee on Climate Change

201.Schedule 1 makes detailed provision for the constitution, powers and proceedings of the Scottish Committee on Climate Change which may be established under section 25 of the Act. The Committee is to consist of a chair and no fewer than five and no more than eight other members. These numbers may be varied by order made by the Scottish Ministers, subject to negative resolution procedure. Members are to be appointed for a period of up to five years. Members are eligible to be reappointed for one further period.

202.In appointing members, the Scottish Ministers are to have regard to the desirability of the Committee (taken as a whole) having expertise or experience in business competitiveness, climate change policy, climate science and other branches of environmental science, economic analysis and forecasting, emissions trading, energy production and supply, financial investment and technology development and diffusion.

203.Schedule 1 provides for the circumstances in which members may be removed, for the disqualification of MPs, MSPs and MEPs from membership, and for remuneration, pensions and allowances.

204.Schedule 1 also provides for the appointment of a Chief Executive of the Committee, with the approval of the Scottish Ministers, and for the appointment of other staff by the Committee. The schedule makes provision for the procedure of the Committee, for the establishment of sub-committees, for its general powers and for the delegation of its functions. The Committee is to be required to keep proper accounts to be audited by the Auditor General for Scotland, and to publish an Annual Report which is to be laid before the Scottish Parliament by the Scottish Ministers.

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