SCHEDULE 2Grants payable on leaving office

MSP ill-health retirement grant

2(1)The SPCB must pay a grant (an “MSP ill-health retirement grant”) to an ex-MSP who applies for such a grant if—

(a)the applicant resigned as an MSP at any time other than immediately before a dissolution of the Scottish Parliament, and

(b)the SPCB is satisfied that the resignation was a direct consequence of a health condition which prevented the applicant from performing adequately his or her duties as an MSP.

(2)The SPCB may, for the purposes of so satisfying itself, require—

(a)an applicant to provide evidence from a doctor of the applicant’s state of health,

(b)an examination of the applicant by a doctor nominated by the SPCB (with examination costs borne as the SPCB may determine).