SCHEDULE 1Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme

Part NTransfers

Chapter 1Transfers out

Transfer payment

78(1)Where rule 75 requires a transfer to be made, the transferable sum is to be paid from the Pension Fund in the way specified in the transfer-out notice by no later than—

(a)the individual’s 65th birthday, or

(b)if later, the day falling 6 months after the transfer notice was given.

(2)If payment is made later than 6 months after the guarantee date relating to the statement of entitlement by reference to which the transferable sum was determined, the transferable sum is to be increased by—

(a)the amount, if any, by which it falls short of what the transferable sum would have been if the guarantee date had been the date of payment, or

(b)if greater, the amount of interest on the transferable sum calculated on a daily basis over the period from the guarantee date to the date of payment (calculated at an annual rate of 1% above the Bank of England base rate).