SCHEDULE 1Scottish Parliamentary Pension Scheme

Part FPensions

Duration of scheme pension

40(1)A scheme pension is payable from the day on which the individual concerned is first entitled to receive it.

(2)Pension payments need not begin unless the individual entitled to the scheme pension has—

(a)notified the Fund trustees that he or she wishes pension payments to begin, and

(b)given the Fund trustees such information as they may reasonably require—

(i)about the individual’s entitlement to any other pension,

(ii)to calculate their liability for a lifetime allowance charge or any other tax,

(iii)to make the payments.

This rule does not affect the date from which a scheme pension is payable.

(3)Pension payments are to continue for the rest of the individual’s life (see rule 41 for exception).

(4)Pension payments are to be made monthly in arrears (or in other instalments of no longer than one year as the Fund trustees may determine).