Explanatory Notes

Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Act 2009

2009 asp 1

25 February 2009

Commentary on sections

Schedule 3 transitional Provisions and Savings

Paragraph 5: Contributions from the SPCB

496.Each financial year, the SPCB pays a sum of money into the Pension Fund (see article D3(1) of the 1999 pensions order). The Government Actuary is required by article D3(2) of the 1999 pensions order to make a recommendation on the amount of contribution required. The SPCB then determines the level of contributions to be met (currently 20.3% of salary).

497.Paragraph 5 specifies that the existing determination as to the contribution rate payable from the SCF (put in place by article D3(2)) will continue to have effect as if it had been made under rule 32 of Schedule 1 to the Act. In subsequent years, and following recommendations from the scheme actuary, the provisions of rule 32 will apply.