Explanatory Notes

Scottish Parliamentary Pensions Act 2009

2009 asp 1

25 February 2009

Commentary on sections

Schedule 3 transitional Provisions and Savings

Paragraph 1: Introductory

487.Subparagraph 1(1) sets out the interpretation of “new rules day”, “new scheme rules” and “1999 scheme rules.” “New scheme rules” and “1999 scheme rules” refer respectively to the rules contained in the Act and the existing scheme rules in the 1999 pensions order.

488.Most of the Act provisions come into force on new rules day (see section 5(3) of the Act). That date is defined as the first day of the month following six months after Royal Assent. (The first day of the month avoids any administrative difficulties which would arise in collecting contributions from scheme members at two rates in respect of one salary payment).

489.The interpretation of other words and phrases used in this schedule can be found in section 4 of the Act and at Part U of Schedule 1.