Part 4The Scottish Court Service


62Administrative support for other persons

(1)The SCS has the function of providing, or ensuring the provision of, the property, services and staff required for the purposes of—

(a)the Lord President in the carrying out of—

(i)functions conferred on the Lord President as Head of the Scottish Judiciary, and

(ii)other non-judicial functions of the Lord President,

(b)any judicial office holder in the carrying out of functions delegated to the office holder by the Lord President,

(c)the sheriffs principal in the carrying out of their functions under sections 15 to 17 of the 1971 Act,

(d)the Public Guardian (established by section 6 of the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000 (asp 4)),

(e)the Court of Session Rules Council (being the Rules Council mentioned in section 8 of the Court of Session Act 1988 (c. 36)),

(f)the Criminal Courts Rules Council,

(g)the Sheriff Court Rules Council, and

(h)such other persons, or persons of such description, as the Scottish Ministers may by order specify.

(2)Before making an order under subsection (1)(h), the Scottish Ministers must consult the Lord President.