Explanatory Notes

Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008

2008 asp 5

16 July 2008

The Act – Overview

Part 3 .Public Health Investigations

Investigators’ powers

Section 26 Entry to dwellinghouses

51.This section places conditions on the exercise of the power of entry by an investigator proposing to enter a dwellinghouse. The first is that the investigator must give 48 hours’ notice of the proposed entry to the occupier of the dwellinghouse. The second is that the dwellinghouse may only be entered if the occupier has consented or a warrant has been issued under section 27. However, these conditions do not apply where the investigator considers, on reasonable grounds, that there is an emergency, as defined in section 28. Subsection (4) defines “dwellinghouse” as used in this Part.