11Advertising activities, places and prohibited times

(1)An activity is to be treated as advertising if it is a communication to the public (or to a section of the public) for the purpose of promoting an item, service, trade, business or other concern.

(2)For example, any of the following acts done for that purpose are to be treated as advertising—

(a)advertising of a non-commercial nature,

(b)announcements or notices,

(c)the sale or giving away of any goods or services,

(d)the distribution or provision of documents or articles,

(e)the display or projections of words, images, lights or sounds,

(f)things done with or in relation to material which has or may have purposes or uses other than as an advertisement.

(3)“Advertise” is to be construed accordingly.

(4)The advertising regulations may prescribe, or provide criteria for determining—

(a)places which are (or are not) to be treated as being in the vicinity of a Games location for the purposes of the advertising offence,

(b)times which are prohibited times for those purposes.