Explanatory Notes

Glasgow Commonwealth Games Act 2008

2008 asp 4

10 June 2008

Commentary on Sections


Section 22: General enforcement power

45.This section sets out the general range of powers that this Act confers on enforcement officers. Subsection (1) allows enforcement officers to take such steps as they consider appropriate for the purpose of preventing or ending the commission of a Games offence or in connection with proceedings, or anticipated proceedings, in respect of a Games offence.

46.Subsection (2) specifies steps that are included within this general power which include seizing, concealing or destroying anything which the officer believes to be an infringing article. This power is subject to restrictions set out in section 23.

47.Subsection (3) defines an “infringing article”. This could be an article used in connection with the commission of a Games offence or receptacle used as a container for such an article, for example a box containing goods being sold by an unauthorised street trader.

48.Subsection (4) enables an enforcement officer to be assisted by another person as may be reasonably required for the purpose of taking action in this section.