Explanatory Notes

Glasgow Commonwealth Games Act 2008

2008 asp 4

10 June 2008

Commentary on Sections

Final Provisions

Section 47: Ancillary provision

99.Under subsection (1), the Scottish Ministers have the power to make, by order, any incidental, supplementary, consequential, transitory, transitional or saving provision as they consider appropriate for the purpose of or in connection with any provision of the Act or to give full effect to it, or any provision of it. By virtue of subsection (2), such an order may apply (with or without modifications) or disapply any enactment, including the Act itself.

Section 48: Interpretation

100.This is the interpretation section. It provides definitions of many of the expressions used throughout the Act and makes other interpretative provision.

Section 49: Commencement

101.This section sets out when provisions of the Act will come into force. The following provisions will come into force on Royal Assent:

102.Other provisions come into force on such day as Scottish Ministers may by order appoint.

Section 50: Repeal

103.This section allows Scottish Ministers by order to repeal this Act effective on any day after the Games have ended.

Section 51: Short title

104.This section provides for the short title which will be used for the purpose of citation of the Act.


105.This indicates where the definitions of terms used in the Act can be found.