SCHEDULEModification of enactments

The 1995 Act

26In the 1995 Act (in addition to the provisions amended by paragraphs 7(4) and 16(a)), for the words “district court” and “district courts”, wherever occurring in the following provisions, there is substituted “JP court” and JP courts” respectively—

(a)section 22(2)(b)(i),

(b)section 24B(3),

(c)section 27(2)(b)(i) and (5)(b)(ii),

(d)section 49(3)(b),

(e)section 52A,

(f)section 52B(4), in the definition of “court”,

(g)section 150(8)(b)(i),

(h)section 178(1)(a),

(i)section 203(2),

(j)section 211(3),

(k)section 234K, in paragraph (b) of the definition of “the appropriate court”,

(l)section 245(5)(b),

(m)section 245A(9),

(n)section 245Q,

(o)section 248C(1),

(p)section 249(8)(b),

(q)section 288E(2),

(r)section 288F(1)(a),

(s)section 288G(1) and (2)(b),

(t)section 304(2)(c)(v),

(u)schedule 6, in paragraph 2(2) and (3),

(v)schedule 7—

(i)in paragraphs 4(2)(a)(ii) and 5(1)(d)(ii),

(ii)in paragraph 8, in the definition of “the appropriate court”.