Airdrie-Bathgate Railway and Linked Improvements Act 2007

SCHEDULE 2SAncillary works

(introduced by section 3)

1SStations, buildings, platforms, junctions and stopping places.

2SBridges, subways, stairs, lifts, escalators, roundabouts and means of access.

3SJunctions and communications with, and widening of, any road, path or way.

4SWorks for the provision (for the authorised undertaker or any other person) of apparatus, plant or machinery and for the accommodation of such works, including telecommunications and radio masts, communications equipment, mains, sewers, pipes, drains, cables, lights, conduits and culverts.

5SWorks for the strengthening, underpinning, protection, alteration or demolition of any building or structure.

6SWorks or operations to stabilise the condition of any land or for the purposes of flood prevention.

7SWorks to alter the course of, or otherwise interfere with, non-navigable rivers, streams or watercourses.

8SWorks to alter the position of any existing apparatus or any existing street furniture, including the alteration of the position of existing works of the sort described in paragraph 4 above.

9SWithout prejudice to the generality of paragraph 8 above, works to alter the position of any railway track or other railway apparatus.

10SLandscaping, ecological and other works to mitigate any adverse effects of the construction, maintenance or operation of the authorised works.

11SWorks for the benefit or protection of premises affected by the authorised works.

12SThe removal by the authorised undertaker of any works constructed by it pursuant to this Act which have been constructed as temporary works or which it no longer requires.

13SSuch other works (of whatever nature) as may be necessary or expedient for the purposes of, in connection with, or in consequence of, the construction of the authorised works.