Explanatory Notes

Custodial Sentences and Weapons (Scotland) Act 2007

2007 asp 17

19 April 2007

Commentary on Parts

Part 2 - Confinement and Release of Prisoners

Chapter 2 .Confinement, Review and Release of Prisoners
Custody and community prisoners
Section 13 – Release on community licence following review by Parole Board

39.This section provides that where the Parole Board has determined that a prisoner is not likely to cause serious harm to the public if released when the court-imposed custody part of the sentence expires or after a further review by the Board, the Board shall direct that the prisoner be released on community licence and shall specify the conditions to be included in the licence. Subsection (3) provides that where the Parole Board has made such a direction, the Scottish Ministers must release the prisoner on a community licence. In the case of a determination to release after the first referral by the Scottish Ministers, subsection (4) obliges the Scottish Ministers to give effect to the Parole Board’s direction by releasing the prisoner on the expiry of the custody part of the sentence.