SCHEDULE 2Regulated work with children

Part 3Establishments

Children’s detention institution

12An institution which is exclusively or mainly for the detention of children.

“Detention” means detention by virtue of an order of a court or under an enactment.

Children’s hospital

13A hospital which is exclusively or mainly for the reception and treatment of children.

“Hospital” has the meaning given by section 108(1) (interpretation) of the National Health Service (Scotland) Act 1978 (c. 29).

Educational institutions etc.

14A school.

15A further education institution.

“Further education institution” means a body listed under the heading “Institutions formerly eligible for funding by the Scottish Further Education Funding Council” in schedule 2 to the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005 (asp 6).

Ministers may by order amend the definition of “further education institution” so as to include or exclude bodies listed in that schedule.

16A hostel used mainly by pupils attending a school or institution mentioned in paragraph 14 or 15 respectively.

Children’s home

17A home which is exclusively or mainly for children and is provided by a council under—

(a)section 59 (provision by councils of residential and other establishments) of the Social Work (Scotland) Act 1968 (c. 49), or

(b)section 25 (provision of care and support services by local authority) of the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003 (asp 13).