Part 9Business improvement districts

BID arrangements

33Arrangements with respect to business improvement districts

(1)A local authority may in accordance with this Part make arrangements (“BID arrangements”) with respect to an area (a “business improvement district”) comprising all or part of the area of the authority.

(2)A business improvement district may comprise areas which are not adjacent to each other.

(3)The purpose of BID arrangements is to enable the projects specified in the arrangements to be carried out for the benefit of the business improvement district or those who live, work or carry on any activity in the district.

34Joint arrangements

(1)The Scottish Ministers may by regulations made by statutory instrument make provision for or in connection with enabling two or more local authorities to make BID arrangements with respect to a business improvement district comprising all or part of the area of each of the authorities.

(2)The provision which may be made by regulations under this section includes provision which modifies any provision made by or under this Part in its application to such arrangements.

35Additional contributions and action

(1)The persons specified in subsection (2) may make financial contributions or take action for the purpose of enabling the projects specified in BID arrangements to be carried out.

(2)Those persons are—

(a)the local authority which has made the arrangements, and

(b)any other person authorised or required to do so in accordance with the arrangements.

36Duty to comply with arrangements

Where BID arrangements are in force, the local authority which made the arrangements must comply with them.