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SCHEDULE 1SScottish Commission for Human Rights

Accountable officerS

13(1)The Parliamentary corporation must designate a member of the Commission or of the Commission's staff as the accountable officer for the purposes of this paragraph.S

(2)The functions of the accountable officer are—

(a)signing the accounts of the expenditure and receipts of the Commission,

(b)ensuring the propriety and regularity of the finances of the Commission,

(c)ensuring that the resources of the Commission are used economically, efficiently and effectively, and

(d)the duty set out in sub-paragraph (3),

and the accountable officer is answerable to the Parliament for the exercise of those functions.

(3)Where the accountable officer is required to act in some way but considers that to do so would be inconsistent with the proper performance of the functions specified in sub-paragraph (2)(a) to (c), the accountable officer must—

(a)obtain written authority from the Commission before taking the action, and

(b)send a copy of the authority as soon as possible to the Auditor General for Scotland.