Part 3General

61Orders and regulations

(1)Any power conferred by this Act to make an order or regulations is exercisable by statutory instrument.

(2)Orders and regulations under this Act may make—

(a)different provision for different purposes; and

(b)supplemental, incidental, consequential, transitory, transitional or saving provision.

(3)Subject to subsections (4) to (6), a statutory instrument containing an order or regulations made under this Act is subject to annulment in pursuance of a resolution of the Scottish Parliament.

(4)The following orders and regulations are not to be made unless a draft of the statutory instrument containing the order or regulations has been laid before and approved by the Scottish Parliament—

(a)regulations under section 5(2)(b), (4), (5) or (8); or

(b)an order under section 62(1)(a) containing provision which adds to, replaces or omits any part of the text of an Act.

(5)Subsection (3) does not apply to an order containing provision under section 7(9) if a draft of the statutory instrument containing the order has been laid before and approved by resolution of the Parliament.

(6)Subsection (3) does not apply to an order under section 63(2).

62Ancillary provision

(1)The Scottish Ministers may by order—

(a)make supplemental, incidental or consequential provision for the purposes of, for giving full effect to, or in consequence of, any provision of this Act;

(b)make provision for transitory, transitional or savings purposes in connection with the coming into force of any provision of this Act.

(2)An order under subsection (1)(a) may modify any enactment.

63Short title and commencement

(1)This Act may be cited as the Local Electoral Administration and Registration Services (Scotland) Act 2006.

(2)Except this section and sections 61 and 62, this Act comes into force in accordance with provision made by order by the Scottish Ministers.