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Part 1SLocal government elections

Anonymous entriesS

20Anonymous registration: miscellaneous amendmentsS

The following provisions of the 1983 Act and the 2000 Act (which provide for certain provisions of those Acts relating to anonymous entries not to apply in relation to local government elections in Scotland) are repealed, namely—

(a)in section 9B of the 1983 Act (anonymous registration), subsection (9),

(b)in section 128 of the 1983 Act (presentation of petition questioning local election), subsection (1B),

(c)in Schedule 4 to the 2000 Act (absent voting)—

(i)in paragraph 3, sub-paragraph (3A),

(ii)in paragraph 4, sub-paragraph (2B),

(iii)in paragraph 5, sub-paragraph (5), and

(iv)in paragraph 7, sub-paragraph (8B).