Part 1Works, etc.


7Vesting of private roads

(1)Each of the private roads comprising Works Nos. 1B and 7B shall, unless otherwise agreed between the authorised undertaker and—

(a)in the case of Work No. 1B the owner of the land abutting the north-west boundary of plot no. 40 on the Parliamentary plans in the local government area of Midlothian; and

(b)in the case of Work No. 7B the owner of Allanshaugh Farm, Allanshaugh,

be maintained by and at the expense of the authorised undertaker for a period of 12 months from its completion.

(2)At the expiry of the period during which the authorised undertaker is liable to maintain any road under subsection (1) above the road shall by virtue of this section vest in the person referred to in that subsection in relation to the road.