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Part 3 SMiscellaneous and general

50Application of original enactmentsS

(1)The provisions of the original enactments mentioned in schedule 12 to this Act shall apply to the authorised works as though for references in those provisions to any former railway there were substituted references to the whole or any part of the authorised works and as if any reference to the railway undertaker (however described) were a reference to the authorised undertaker.

(2)Except as provided in subsection (1) above, nothing in this Act shall have the effect of applying the original enactments to the authorised works.

(3)As from—

(a)the acquisition of any land by the authorised undertaker, whether compulsorily or by agreement; or

(b)the entry on the land by the authorised undertaker under section 24 above,

whichever is sooner, BRBR shall be discharged from any obligation to which it is subject in relation to that land under any statutory provision relating to the former railway.

(4)In this section “BRBR” means BRB (Residuary) Limited (company no. 04146505) and its successors.