Waverley Railway (Scotland) Act 2006

Part 1 SRoads to be permanently stopped up

Sheet of Parliamentary plansRoad to be stopped upExtent of stopping upSubstitute to be provided or alternative
In the local government area of Midlothian—
2Track crossing former Monktonhall Colliery siteBetween points A1 and A2No alternative
3Road (unnamed)/Newton Church Road, LongthornBetween points A3 and A4Works Nos. 1C and 1D
3Newton Church Road, LongthornBetween points A5 and A7

Work No. 1F (pedestrians)

Works Nos. 1C and 1D and existing road network (vehicles)

4Path between Longthorn and Wester MillerhillBetween points A8 and A9Work No. 1H and Old Craighall Road
4Road (unnamed) to Sheriffhall MainsBetween points A13 and A15aWork No. 1K
4, 5Millerhill Road, Wester MillerhillBetween points A12, A11, A13 and A14Work No. 1J
4, 5Road (unnamed) between Millerhill Road and Sheriffhall MainsBetween points A15, A16 and A17Works Nos. 1J and 1K
6Path between Dean Burn/Dalkeith Country Park and A68 King's Gate overbridgeBetween points B3 and B2No alternative
6 to 9Track (Penicuik-Musselburgh Foot & Cycleway)

Between points B1 and B2

Between points B6, B7, B9, B11, B13, B17, B19 and B20

Track between points B4 and B5

Existing road and footpath network

7Path between Glenesk Viaduct and High Woods, Ironmills ParkBetween points B5 and B6Existing footpath network (Ironmills Park)
7Track between Glenesk Viaduct (south end), former Dalkeith railway leading to Cemetery Road and former railwayBetween points B7, B8 and B9Existing road and footpath network
7Track between Garden Cottage (Viewpoint Housing Association, Avenue Road) and former railwayBetween points B10 and B11No alternative
8Track between Station Road and former railwayBetween points B12 and B13No alternative
8Path between Hardengreen Industrial Estate and Westfield BankBetween points B14 and B15Work No. 2A, Hardengreen Lane and Westfield Park
9Track between Hardengreen Lane and former railwayBetween points B16 and B17Footpath between B16 and B16a and Work No. 2A
12Track between Station Road and Redwood WalkBetween points B27 and B28Work No. 2E
12, 13Track between Victoria Road and DeanparkBetween points B25, B26 and B31Victoria Road, track between points B28 and B30 and Work No. 2F
13Track between Station Road and New Star BankBetween points B29 and B30Work No. 2F
13 to 16Path between Murderdean Road and Gore Glen Country ParkBetween points B32, C1, C2 and C3No alternative
16Track between A7 road and former Kirkhill HotelBetween points C3a and C3bVia Povert Road
16, 17Paths, Gore Glen Country ParkBetween points C4, C3, C5 and C6, points C7 and C8 and points C9 and C10Path between points C4, C7 and C10 and Work No. 3A
17Path between Millbank House and Gore Glan Country Park footpath networkBetween points C13, C14 and C15Work No. 3D
17Path between Old Shank Bridge and Gorebridge (ROW 59)Between points C16 and C17Path between points C13, C17 and C18
17 to 20Path between Millbank House and GoresideBetween points C14, C16, C19 and C20Path between points C13, C17 and C18 and existing road network
20Path at GoresideBetween points C21 and C22Work No. 3D
21Harvieston South Footbridge (former Fushiebridge Station Footbridge)Between points C23 and C24Fushiebridge Station Road bridge
22Path at CatcuneBetween points C25 and C26Bridge to be provided (part of Work No. 3)
28Track between B6367 and Halflaw KilnBetween points D3, D6 and D5Bridge to be provided (part of Work No. 4)
In the local government area of Scottish Borders—
33, 34A7 road at FalahillBetween points E1 and E2Work No. 5A
34Lay-by (A7) at FalahillBetween points E2a and E2bLay-by at Falahill between points X and Y
36Heriot Way (B709), HeriotBetween points E3 and E4Works Nos. 5C, 5D and 5E and existing road network
36,37B709 road and Old Stage Road (C11)Between points E11 and E12 and points E11 and E13Works Nos. 5D, 5E and 5F
38Path, former Stagebank Crossing, StagebankBetween points E7 and E8No alternative
40Track between Haltree and A7 roadBetween points F1 and F2Existing road network
44Road (C11 Fountainhall branch) between Old Stage Road and A7 road at FountainhallBetween points G1 and G2Work No. 7A
57Track between Torsonce Mains and Old Stage RoadBetween points H1 and H2No alternative
59Road (C11 Bow branch) between Old Stage Road and A7 road at Bow Bridge, BowBetween points H3 and H4Work No. 8A
70, 71Path between Gala Water and Wheatlands RoadBetween points K1, K2 and K3Paths between points K1 and K4 and points K5 and K6 and existing footway network
71Track between Black Path and Lee BraeBetween points K10 and K15No alternative
71 to 73Track (Black Path)Between points K9, K10, K11, K12 and K14Track between points K21 and K22 and existing footway network
72Path between Black Path and A7 road, High BuckholmsideBetween points K11 and K20Existing footway network
72Plumtreehall Brae (DG 84)Between points K16 and K17Work No. 10A (pedestrians) Existing road network (vehicles)
73Road (unnamed) between High and Low Buckholmside at BrewerybrigBetween points K26 and K27

Path between points K26 and K27 and Work No. 10C (pedestrians)

No alternative (vehicles)

73Track to Ladhope Vale (A7)Between points K12 and K13No alternative
73Footway (Ladhope Vale (A7))Between points K13 and K14Existing footway network
73, 74Currie Road (DG 125/2)Between points K34 and K35Work No. 10E
74Station Brae (B6374)Between points K30 and K31Works Nos. 10D and 10E and existing road network
74Track (Black Path)Between points K32 and K33Existing footway network
74Langhaugh Industrial Estate Road (DG 125/2)Between points K38 and K39Work No. 10H and existing road network
74Path between Langhaugh Industrial Estate Road (DG125/2) and Langhaugh LaneBetween points K40 and K41Work No. 10H, path between points K41 and K42 and existing road network
74, 75Track (Black Path)Between points K46, K47, K48, K49, K50, K51, K52 and K53Track between points K46, K57, K58 and K53
75Tracks between Glenfield Road West and Black PathBetween points K54 and K48, points K55 and K49, points K50 and K52 and points K56 and K52Track between points K46, K57, K58 and K53 and points K58 and K56 and existing road network
75Path at GlenfieldBetween points K47 and K56Track between points K46, K57 and K58, and points K56 and K58
75 to 77Track (Black Path)Between points K51, K63, K73, K75 and K76Existing footbridge to south of Gala Water then existing footway and footpath network to point K82
76Middle section of path between Langlee Drive and Dale StreetBetween points K60, K61, and K62Work No. 10J
76Spur path between Black Path and pedestrian footbridge over Gala WaterBetween points K63 and K64No alternative
76Path between playground at Woodstock Avenue and point K71Between points K67, K68, K69, K70 and K71No alternative
76Track between Woodstock Avenue and Black PathBetween points K72 and K73No alternative
76Track between Winston Place and Black PathBetween points K74 and K75No alternative
77Track (Southern Upland Way/Black Path)Between points K77, K76, K78, K80, K81 and K83Path between points K82 and K83
77Access to Black PathBetween points K79 and K80No alternative
77Path, Lowood to TweedbankBetween points K84 and K85No alternative
77, 78Track (Black Path)Between points K81, K84 and K86Existing footpath and footway network on south side of railway
78Path, Well Park to TweedbankBetween points K86 and K87No alternative
78Track (Southern Upland Way/Black Path)Between points K86 and K88Existing footway network on south side of railway