SCHEDULE 11Works affecting the River Tweed Special Area of Conservation

Part 1Works requiring special measures

1This Part of this schedule applies to the sites specified in the table.

Location ID No.DescriptionCo-ordinates
4Confluence of Gala Water and Shoestanes Barn340406654396
5Underbridge 49, near Heriot340406654396
6Proposed river diversion (part of Work No. 5D)340512654217
7Replacement culvert near Shoestanes (part of Work No. 5)340509654093
8River bank, near Heriot Station340570653982
9River bank protection, near Stagebank341113653144
10Underbridge 52, near Little Gala341542652594
11River bank protection, near Haltree341845652269
13Underbridge 53, near Crookstone Mill342456651192
14Underbridge 54, Hollowsbank342373650850
15Underbridge 55, Hollowsbank342346650768
16Underbridge 56, near Bower342352650341
17Underbridge 58, Fountainhall342992649536
18Riverbank protection, near Burnhouse343487649126
19Underbridge 60, Plenploth North344152648785
20Underbridge 61, Torquhan South344300647927
22Riverbank protection, Pirnhouse344469647167
23Underbridge 64, Watherston Culvert344325646697
24Riverbank protection, Craigsbank344303646495
25Underbridge 65, Watherston Bridge344166646031
26Underbridge 67, Gala Bank344308645582
27Riverbank protection, Millbank, Section 1344699645369
28Riverbank protection, Millbank, Section 2345158645175
29Riverbank protection, Lady’s Park, near Stow345420643931
30Underbridge 70, Luggate Bridge345265643137
31Underbridge 72, Ferniehurst Water344790641965
32Underbridge 73B, between Bowshank Farm and Gala Water345187641416
33Underbridge 74, Bowshank North345230641382
34Underbridge 77, Bowshank South345419641059
35Riverbank protection, Bowshank South345384640816
36Underbridge 78, Bowshank South345417640794
37Riverbank protection, Bowland345599640064
38Riverbank protection, Whitelee House346533639191
39Underbridge 83, Whitelee Culvert346668639144
40Underbridge 84, Whinwater347089638912
41Riverbank protection, Gala Water at Torwoodlee347292638846
42Underbridge 87, Torwoodlee Water347505637885
43Underbridge 88, Torwoodlee Culvert347501637865
45Underbridge 92, Ryehaugh Water347568637496
46Underbridge 95, Kilnknowe348260637030
49Underbridge 104, Red Bridge351570635256
50Underbridge 45, near Heriot339946655241
51Underbridge 47, near Heriot340284654752
52Underbridge 48, near Heriot340366554513

2The authorised undertaker shall not undertake any works for the protection of river banks at sites ID8, ID9, ID11, ID22, ID24, ID27, ID28, ID29, or ID37.

3The location of any work for the protection of river banks to be undertaken by the authorised undertaker at sites ID4, ID18, ID35, ID36, ID38, ID41, ID42 and ID43 shall be approved by SNH.

4Before commencing the construction of any works, or carrying out any operations, at any of the sites to which this schedule applies, the authorised undertaker shall consult SNH regarding—

(a)detailed engineering design;

(b)construction methods;

(c)pollution control;

(d)timing of works and operations;

(e)conservation of specific habitats or of habitats of specific species,

and shall implement such detailed mitigation measures regarding such matters as SNH may require.

5The authorised undertaker shall secure that the code of construction practice is amended from time to time as appropriate so as to procure the carrying out of measures required pursuant to paragraph 4.

6Where and to the extent that any measure required by paragraph 4 cannot be dealt with in the code of construction practice (as from time to time amended or replaced), it shall be specified in an agreement to which the local planning authority and the authorised undertaker are party.

7Any provision amending the code of construction practice pursuant to paragraph 5, and the provisions of any agreement entered into pursuant to paragraph 6, shall have effect as a condition to which section 48 applies.