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SCHEDULE 10SCode of construction practice

(introduced by section 46)

1SBefore commencing construction of the authorised works located in the area of a local planning authority the authorised undertaker shall secure that there is submitted to that local planning authority for its written approval—

(a)the code of construction practice; and

(b)one or more draft local construction codes relating to so much of the authorised works as is situated in the area of the local planning authority concerned.

2SThe local planning authority shall send a copy of every code submitted pursuant to paragraph 1, and any amendment or replacement proposed by the authorised undertaker pursuant to paragraph 3, to SNH and SEPA and shall take account of any representations made to the local planning authority by either of those bodies.

3SThe authorised undertaker may with the approval of the local planning authority (and shall if so required by the local planning authority) amend or replace the code of construction practice or any local construction code.

4SThe provisions of the code of construction practice and any local construction code, as from time to time amended or replaced shall have effect as conditions to which section 48 applies.