Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006 Explanatory Notes

Part 3 – General

Section 52 – Modification of enactments

235.Section 52 introduces schedule 2 (which modifies enactments for the purposes of and in consequence of this Act).

Section 53 – Ancillary provision

236.This section enables the Scottish Ministers to make further provision, by order, in connection with the Act.

Section 54 – Crown application

237.This Act binds the Crown subject to the exclusion of criminal liability.

Section 55 – Commencement and short title

238.This section provides for the short title of the Act. Further, the section allows the Scottish Ministers to bring the provisions of the Act other than sections 53 to 55 into force by order on such a day as they appoint. Different days may be appointed in the order for different provisions. Sections 53 to 55 came into force when the Act received Royal Assent.

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