Part 2Public order etc.

Chapter 1Football banning orders

Variation, termination, information and appeals

58Termination of order

(1)The appropriate court may, on the application of a person subject to a football banning order, make an order terminating it as from a specified date.

(2)An application under subsection (1) may not be made unless the order has had effect for at least two-thirds of the period specified in the order.

(3)In exercising its power under subsection (1), a court must have regard to—

(a)the character of the person against whom the order was made;

(b)the conduct of the person against whom the order was made since it was made;

(c)the nature of the offence or conduct which led to it; and

(d)any other circumstances which appear to the court to be relevant.

(4)Where an application under subsection (1) is refused, no further application under that subsection in respect of the same order may be made within the period of 6 months beginning with the day of the refusal.

(5)In subsection (1), “the appropriate court” has the same meaning as in section 57.